Kokopeli    The desktop pen
is patterned after the
Kokopeli Fluteplayer image
southwest.  The image is
generally attributed to a
hump back fluteplayer that
brings good fortune to those
around him.  Another version
of the Kokopeli story is that
he was an itinerant corn
planter and the hump back is
actually a sack of corn seed
and his flute is actually a
planting stick..  He would
travel from village to village
planting corn.   Either way he
is revered throughout the
southwest Indian cultures
and this pen is intended to
respectfully pay homage to
Additional carving on the pen
body and Additional carving
on the pen body and
.Materials are Gabon Ebony,
Holly and center bands use
various rug patterns. teal
dyed Box Elder Burl    The pen
is a non posting desk style
fountain pen without a clip.